Under Vehicle Scanning System

Most of the parking areas offer a wide variety of new technologies and designs to scan the passing vehicle. Under vehicle scanning system - UVSS is an advanced technology using high resolution camera based imaging to get an image of the total bottom area of the moving vehicle. The visual image captured by UVSS is used to determine possibility of any potentially harmful objects present in any vehicle.

An under vehicle scanning systems consist of an excellent picture quality camera that scans the undercarriage of passing automobile to identify hidden warnings. Under vehicle scanning system acts as a convenient security aid for crucial and crowded events such as exhibitions. It helps in reducing congestion by inspecting vehicles without stopping them during any peak hours.

Under vehicle scanning system / under vehicle surveillance system automatically identifies threats or modifications to a vehicle’s undercarriage. The bidirectional scanner is positioned so when the vehicle passes over, ultra high-definition images are captured in the database comparison engine. When the automobile reaches at the checkpoint the under vehicle camera system capture images and transfer them to the control unit where the images are displayed on a monitor. The control unit and monitor can be located outside in proximity to the checkpoint. In under vehicle scanning systems the captured images can also be stored for future observation or can be managed for closer survey.

The main motive of under vehicle scanning system / under vehicle surveillance systems - all the vehicles can be checked and a complete view of the undercarriage of passing vehicle is presented for analysis. Under vehicle camera system gives the security crew a complete coverage of undercarriage of passing vehicle.

Under Vehicle Scanning System Features:

Easy to use Interface: the user interface is totally innate and simple to use.

High Scan Quality: The under vehicle surveillance systems produces a high-resolution color and sharp images of any vehicle, so as to have the best quality image of the underside of the vehicle.

Systems Integration:  the software in use for UVSS is versatile, and can be put to usage with any CCTV suite, command or software.

Vehicle Logging: UVSS maintains a detailed database of vehicles on site when Using ANPR system.

Security: UVSS helps to improve the security effectiveness.

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