Under Vehicle Scanning System

Under vehicle scanning system is an advanced surveillance and inspection system that accurately validates the undercarriage of automobiles.  Under vehicle surveillance systems are designed to inspect and digitally record the images of the whole area of a vehicle’s undercarriage with a single fixed or a movable system. The unique functionality and advanced technology authorize UVSS system to effectively detect all types of objects like explosives, weapons and drugs.  

The main motive of under vehicle scanning system / under vehicle surveillance system is: to examine and present the complete view of the underside of vehicles. Under vehicle camera system gives the security crew a complete coverage of undercarriage of passing vehicle.  If an area or business is worth securing, an under vehicle inspection system is an essential part of an overall security program.

How UVSS works:

UVSS system consists of a compact scanner with high-resolution line camera, mirror and infrared LED lighting that is for recordings. The scanner can adjusts automatically itself according to the framework and width of the vehicle to be inspected. The high resolution digital cameras capture images of the undercarriage of automobiles. These high quality images are then examined either manually or automatically by safety team or by an external controlled security system. Captured images can be used for immediate inspection or stored for later use.

The high quality images of the whole underside of the scanned vehicle are displayed on a monitor. If the operator wants he can easily zoom in on any suspicious objects. After monitoring the underpart of the vehicle, the security personal can either manually allow or deny access. If the security personal grants access, the traffic light will switch to green and the barrier will be lifted.

UVIS high quality digital cameras have the ability to generate color images with zero distortion. This system can easily save images in database and allow image comparisons also. This comparison can also take place automatically with the automatic comparison software, which will identify and highlight any distinction between two scans

Unique Features of Under Vehicle Scanning System:

Easy to use interface: the user interface is totally innate and simple to use

High scan quality: The under vehicle surveillance systems produces a high-resolution color and sharp images of any vehicle, so as to have the best quality image of the underside of the vehicle.

Systems integration:  the software in use for UVSS is versatile, and can be put to usage with any CCTV suite, command or software.

Vehicle logging: UVSS maintains a detailed database of vehicles on site when Using ANPR system.

Security: UVSS helps to improve the security effectiveness by effectively preventing the security risk of bombs, weapons.

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