Ticketing System for Parking

Ticketing system for parking is generally used to produce additional revenue by enhancing the visitor experience in your parking facility. Ticketing parking systems consist of customizable multimedia display screen and ticket dispenser-acceptor that supports offline and stand-alone feature. Ticketing system for parking is an intelligent parking system that comes with a customizable 7-inch multimedia digital display with security lock.

Entry Station CP - 500 / Exit Station CP - 600

Main Features
Customizable 7-inch multimedia digital display
Ticket dispenser / acceptor
Illuminated ticket request button
Multiple-reinforced and corrosion resistant cabinet
Security lock including keys
Barcode, maxicode, QR code and PDf417 tickets

Supports multi-language user interface with voice prompt options
Access rights verification
Short term parker handling
Season parker handling
Value card parker handling
Data recovery for online function
Supports offline and stand-alone feature

Manual Cashier CP – 700
This compact industrial device can be used for central cashiering at remote locations and also at the vehicle exits.

Ticket reading barcode, QR code, pdf 417 and maxicode tickets
Password protected login
Issue receipt for payment
Issue exit pass
Replace lost ticket
Issue replacement ticket
Issue season ticket
Issue stored value ticket
Issue convention ticket
Discount and validation

Function keys for defined ticket transactions
Freely programmable function keys
Unlimited number of tariff structures
Logging and analysis of all ticket transaction
Offline features
Data recovery for online function

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