Parking Management System Series CP - 450/460

Parking Management System is an ultimate requirement in approximately all urban cities to organize and locate automobiles in parking provision. It is one of the advanced demand of every vehicle possessor to park their vehicle in a safe and secure parking area. To solve the difficulty of parking security. Intelligent parking system enable you to locate and permit the vehicle at both entry and exit points. 

This smart parking system helps the facility owner to increase revenue and to increase the satisfaction level of visitors. It recommend professional vehicle management and best security solutions. With intelligent parking management system one can efficiently find the free space by properly utilizing the commercial and corporate entities.

Parking Management Series CP - 450/460 consists of following:

1)      Entry Station CP-450:

Main Features

·         LCD Display

·         Ticket dispensing unit

·         Intercom installation kit with call button

·         Illuminated ticket request button

·         Multiple reinforced and corrosion resistant cabinet

·         Security lock including keys


·         Ticket Based parking management system

·         Card Based parking management system

·         Token Based parking management system

 2)      Exit Station CP – 460:


·         Access right verification

·         Short term Parker handling

·         Season Parker handling

·         Offline Features

·         Data recovery for online function

3)      Manual Cashier CP – 470:

This compact industrial device can be used for central cashiering at remote locations and also at the vehicle exits.


·         Function keys for defined token transactions

·         Freely programmable function keys

·         Unlimited number of tariff structures

·         Logging and analysis of all token transaction

·         Offline characteristic

·         Data recovery for online function

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