Parking Management System Entry Station CP-510 / Exit CP-610

Entry station / exit station are designed with highly durable material which is sleek and elegant to blend all type of architecture. Designed for fast and smooth operation for entries/exits for both occasional users and permit holder. It is equipped with advanced thermal printing technology, multi-media display, voice prompt and intelligent controller.

Main Features:

·         Large 7-inch multi-media display

·         Fast ticket dispensing and reading unit

·         Illuminated ticket request button

·         Multi-language user interface with voice prompt

·         Security lock including keys

·         Multiple-reinforced and corrosion resistant cabinet

·         Maxi Code, Barcode, QR code Tickets


·         High resolution display with good readability under any light conditions.

·         Supports videos for commercial and voice prompts

·         Supports multi-language user interface

·         Access rights verification

·         Short Term parker handling

·         Season parker handling

·         Data recovery for online function

·         Supports Offline and stand-alone feature


·         Shopping Malls

·         Airports

·         Multi-storey Car Park

·         Convention Centers

·         Hotels

·         Hospitals

·         Amusement Parks

·         Private and public car park, etc.

Options to Integrate:

·         Automated parking slot assignment

·         Parking assistance and guidance

·         Audio / Video Intercom

·         Proximity / Long range access reader

·         Face recognition for vehicle access and additional security

·         Image Capture / ANPR / LPR camera

·         Pre-booking appointment

Technical Specifications:

·         Power Supply: 230Vac, 50 / 60 Hz

·         Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C

·         Display: High resolution 7 inch multimedia display

·         Communication: TCP/IP

·         Cabinet: CRC steel, powder-coated

·         Ingress Protection: IP54

Parking Management System Manual Cashier CP—700

This compact industrial device can be used for central cashiering at remote locations and also at the vehicle exits.


·         Function keys for defined token transactions

·         Freely programmable function keys

·         Unlimited number of tariff structures

·         Logging and analysis of all token transaction

·         Offline characteristic

·         Data recovery for online function

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