Parking Management System

Parking management and parking guidance are essential to metropolitan versatility and to administer its unfortunate consequences. It is feasible to enlarge automobile parking approach that do supervise the adverse outcome of metropolitan automobile utilization and also to encourage organizations. Parking requirements and acknowledgement of individual areas to it are extremely significant when evaluating the increase of car utilization in different regions of the world.

Parking strategy plays a leading task in the supervision and management of vehicle system in crowded metropolitan regions. Parking facilities regularly encounter obstacles mainly in the metropolitan areas and in cities. The main obstacle that can be considered is the accessibility and availability of area. Either the motorist is not able to detect parking space or the space is under-utilized. Numerous establishments use management equipments to resolve their specific parking complications.

Parking management system is improved alternative to handle the expanding growth of vehicles. This system contributes appropriate demonstration about the unoccupied parking areas in proximity. To rectify the complications of parking security, intelligent parking management lets the operator to recognize and validate the automobiles at both entry and exit points. This intelligent system not only supply effortless parking strategies but also supports in distributing advantageous result to the drivers.

Parking management is an advanced choice to deal with the expanding growth of vehicles. It gives timely indication about the available parking spaces in proximity. It not only provides simple parking programs but also helps in delivering convenient solutions for the drivers. To resolve the problem of parking security intelligent parking system allows you to identify and authorize the vehicles at both entry and exit points.


Why Parking Management System?

The excessive use of vehicles by the ever increasing human population is adversely affecting the availability of parking areas. Motorists are more concerned about the management, security and availability of parking facilities. Intelligent parking solutions fulfill these requirements in an efficient and effective manner. It utilizes the parking areas proficiently by reducing the time spent in searching the free parking spaces manually.

This unique parking system can significantly offer benefit to both the customer and the parking lot owner as it helps in reducing traffic by enhancing user experience within less management costs.

This intelligent parking system offer user friendly single slot payment technology which can easily support a variety of ticketing formats.

Benefits of Parking Management System:

This parking system saves labor costs as it involves less manual activity and less resource     exhaustion.

This system is flexible because it easily allows the incorporation of new vehicle into the parking facility.

It offer favorable services to the drivers that increase turnover, reduce jams and congestion. It enhances output by maximizing the revenue from the available parking resources.

Quality equipment for management systems and communication components which can be locally sourced.

Intelligent parking management supports various parking applications that can easily handle and organize the data of vehicles.

What Parking management system constitutes:

Access Control System


Vehicle Checks

Ticketing and reporting Software

Other unique benefits are:

·         Long lasting system

·         Rugged maintenance friendly cabinet design

·         Limited use of intelligent subsystems and mechanical components

·         Centralized intelligence in management system

·         Superior reliability

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