Parking Guidance System Controller

Parking guidance system CP - 230/430X comes with efficient electronic parking sign board that comes in hand to the motorist, to let them decide their convenient parking zone. As soon as the driver is confronted with a choice of direction floor, aisle or zone, a very visible sign points out to him with the help of green or red arrows directing him to the available parking slot.

Parking guidance system controller has an industrial design and high reliability controller. It collects information from the ultrasonic sensor and forward data to the parking guidance system software and signboards. This system executes automatic available car park space counting and supervise the traffic between the filled and unoccupied platforms.


In parking guidance system there are four main equipment's:

·         Ultra sound parking space detector & LED

·         Zone controllers

·         Indoor/Outdoor LED display

·         PGS Server

·         Camera based Parking Guidance System – Find your car


Technical Specifications

Voltage Rating

230 Vac, 50 Hz

Current Rating 


Output port             

RS 485, RS232

Communication frequency    



To terminals


To UD (Sensor)

Control Quantity            

64m probe (UD/screen) in max



Parking Guidance System Software

Parking guidance system software will have a real time view of the movement of the car park. It allows controlling the traffic density and provides different types of data/report to the client. It distributes favorable visibility displays which direct drivers to areas where spaces are available.

Technical Specifications


 CPU, 13 Memory 4 GB HDD 1TB







Parking Mobile Application Systems

Parking Mobile Application Systems are used to check the available parking spaces and to check the tariff online. Parking Mobile Application Systems can also reserve the parking spaces and pay online to get free parking using loyalty points with the mobile application. This application can also be used to direct drivers to the vacant parking bays using GPS functionality of the smart phone.

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