Parking Guidance System

Car parking is becoming a challenge to the drivers in modern days. Continuous and unprecedented growth of vehicles have resulted frustration of drivers in searching for parking spaces. It is a tedious and time consuming process to search for vacant spaces which causes in waste of fuel. This in turn is contributing to greenhouse emission A study from the Boston University has shown that more than 30% of the drivers take around 7.8minutes to park their vehicle.

With the evolution of present entity, the quantity of automobiles are enlarging quickly and the dissimilarity between automobiles and parking areas becomes a trouble in the congested metropolitan region. Generally parking facilities cannot satisfy expanding parking challenges, as they are unable to supervise the unoccupied parking spaces. Thus the facility owners are obliged to send employee(s) for inspection and this may cause waste of customers’ patience & time.

The only method to minimize the usage of parking space and reduce the waste of fuel and time is to install a proper parking guidance system. It recommend drivers with convenient command over parking system with fabulous characteristics and attributes. Modern parking utilizes different advance technologies to assist motorists find available and unoccupied spaces. It helps drivers diminish traffic jam linked to parking and amplify the infrastructure efficiency.

The modern day parking systems gives a unique method of vehicle detection using an ultrasonic sensor. The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers certain advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control. A wireless ultrasonic sensor is often an ideal solution for indoor or outdoor parking. Sound waves, radar sensors, optical sensors etc. can be used to detect objects and presence of vehicles.

In appropriate guidance system, if the driver sees a green light, it would indicate the availability of parking space. Well timed and accurate information, will allow motorists to make informed decisions related to parking. They are easily directed to a low occupancy zone with the help of indicators.

Intelligent and Single space parking guidance system supervise motorist instantly to free parking space through a shortest passage. Intelligent parking systems specify you the most innovative and advanced sensor based parking system technologies to count and detect available parking spaces.

Accurate parking guidance system increases the parking capacity by increasing the Lot utilization. Accurate guidance systems also improves traffic flow by reducing congestion. It is considered as a cost effective solution and helps in increasing revenue by offering a friendly experience to the motorist.

Ultrasonic parking guidance systems offers motorists the clear and exact indication about the parking spaces while searching for free spaces. Ultrasonic guidance system consists of ultrasonic parking sensors that detects the status of parking spaces and send data to the centralized establishment server, which updates the electronic traffic signage accordingly. 

Ultrasonic parking sensors are fixed above the parking lots to indicate the availability. The indicator of ultrasonic sensors reports by changing its color. Green color of indicator indicates that the space is free and red color of indicator indicates that the space is occupied. Availability reports are then updated accordingly on LED display at the entrance.

Parking Guidance System components:

•         Electric message signs

•         Zone boards

•         Ultrasonic LED sensors

•         Wireless outdoor sensors

•         Central Software System

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