Parking Counting System

Parking counting system is considered as a common need for the comfort of visitors to monitor the number of available spaces in the parking facility. Parking counting system automatically count the number of vehicles and the direction in which the vehicles are moving. Accurate parking counting system keeps a complete information of the vehicles entering and leaving the parking facility. When the parking spaces are occupied it display a sign at the entrance of parking facility to indicate there are no parking spaces left. 

Vehicle counting system or parking counting system can serve as stand-alone system or as a part of a networked system that is managed by a central software. A single stand-alone counting module can provide upto four separate counters with simple incremented and decremented inputs from vehicle detectors. Each count value can be displayed on one or more variable message signs.  

Parking Counting System Benefits:

·         Accurate Parking Counting System can optimize use of car park capacity

·         Maximizes revenue potential and improves customer experience

·         Reduces the pollution effect on the environment

·         Data analysis allows better control of resources  

·         Reduced running costs

·         Sensors are used to automatically detect the direction of vehicles


CASS Parking is a known provider of accurate parking counting systems. We offer best parking counting systems that can satisfy a wide range of vehicle counting needs, from monitoring spaces availability in small car parks to the integrated parking management of large multi-store car parks with software controlled signage, status monitoring and data logging. Accurate parking counting systems can be combined as necessary to match both the customer's requirement and their budgets. We supply and setup best parking counting systems, loop counting systems and vehicle counting systems.

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