New Generation Parking Management System

Present parking areas use several number of technologies to guide drivers to find free parking spaces and to utilize the parking areas properly. One of the best way to solve parking related issues and to improve motorists experience is parking management system. It is extremely required in metropolitan areas to allot parking spaces to the visitors.  Most of the existing parking areas offer restricted spaces to park and limited or no facilities at all to control vehicle movement.

Parking Management System is primary demand in almost all urban cities to manage and identify vehicles in parking facilities. It is one of the prior need of every vehicle owner to park their vehicle in a safe and secure parking area. To resolve the problem of parking security intelligent parking management system allows you to identify and authorize the vehicle at both entry and exit points.  

Majority of the existing parking domain provide moderate parking capacity and insufficient or no resources to supervise and regulate the automobile activity. Existing parking sectors manipulate numerous technologies to assist operators to locate unoccupied parking areas and to utilize the space appropriately. One of the unbeatable approach to resolve parking associated complication and complexity is parking management system. Significantly implemented parking approaches can efficiently supervise parking areas in a specific situation in order to supply varieties of indisputable commercial and environmental advantages.

Most of the organizations apply conservative parking equipment’s and strategies either in spending wide areas of property or building large establishments to accommodate vehicles. It defeats various parking difficulties efficiently. Nearly all traditional parking approaches implemented nowadays aim to resolve the complication by depending on conventional strategies. According to the parking professionals, parking management comprises of productive and beneficial implementation of parking tools.

We as a parking management system manufacturer in the Middle East offers a new series of parking management system:

1)      Gate Barrier CP-020S / CP-030S / C-060S

2)      Parking Management System Entry Station CP-510 / Exit CP-610

3)      Parking Management System Entry Station CP-505

Gate Barrier CP-020S / CP-030S / C-060S: It is a combination with the entry and exit station. Built-in intelligent electronic control that discover and prevents abusive entries in combination with sensors.

Parking Management System Entry Station CP-510 / Exit CP-610: It is equipped with advanced thermal printing technology, multi-media display, voice prompt and intelligent controller that supports multi-language user interface.

Parking Management System Entry Station CP-505: It is equipped with advanced thermal printing technology, alphanumeric display and intelligent controller. This entry station offers a very high resolution display with good readability under any light conditions.

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