Long range RFID System

CASS Parking is a RFID systems manufacturer company in UAE. RFID system consists of a long read range reader with a built in antenna and a minuscule tag through which any kind of objects can be identified and tracked using real time data from radio waves. This information can be transmitted using different devices/protocols to server the need of our customers in a very wide range of applications. We deal in manufacturing of Long range card reader systems, Long Range RFID Systems and Long range uhf reader systems.

CASS Parking offers a wide range of RFID reader solutions, Long range reader solutions, UHF reader solutions, Long range uhf reader solutions and Long range card reader solutions that can be tailored to by various industry applications such as – in mobility & transport sector, parking & domestic applications such as garbage management, fleet services management, container management terminals, tolling applications, trolley management systems   etc.

CASS Parking offers wide variety of Long range reader systems which include several types of Long range ANPR system, short range ANPR system, Active and Passive variants, that proves Cass Parking treats all the applicable areas with no discrimination.

Our RFID systems can be integrated in Parking, Gated Communities and Condominiums. We have a history of developing RFID’s with high accuracy for vehicle as well as People Access in key locations such as stations, terminal entrances or maintenance centers.

Our long range UHF RFID systems, tailed to trains that are fitted with an ID-tag make them automatically identified. Cass Parking also supply heavy duty, high clock speed, RFID readers to meet the demand of high environmental classification. The RFID readers, we develop are designed to meet the tough requirements of the rail, construction and logistics industries and conforms to a wide range of industrial and railway standards.

Long range RFID reader (LR Series)

LR-6 Reader:  is a RFID reader optimized for vehicle access that requires hands-free long-range identification up to 10 meters.

LR-6XL Reader: is ideal for applications with large vehicles wide gates, where really long reading range is required.

MarkTag Classic: The MarkTag Classic is the ideal choice of ID-tag in parking and access control applications that ask for hands-free access.

Long range RFID reader (UHF):

XT-1 UHF Reader: is an "All in one" reader with integrated antenna which makes it easy and quick to install, it is designed and optimized for access and parking applications.

ISO Card ID-Tag:  is a credit card sized, passive UHF ID-tag suitable for applications where it is a requirement to move the tag between difference vehicles.

Windshield ID-Tag:  is a passive UHF ID-tag suitable for long range access solutions

Proximity Reader: Finding the right reader for your application has been made much simpler by combining the flexibility of the reader series with the backup of EMI reader access control and proximity reader know-how.

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