License Plate Recognition System Software

License Plate Recognition System Software is a window based operating system designed for vehicle access control and parking applications. LPR Systems consists of LPR cameras that can automatically capture license plate of vehicle on entry pass. LPR systems uses HD digital IP cameras.

LPR Cameras offers a set of unique characteristics and advanced image capturing technologies such as high quality images and embedded web server. LPR cameras are resistant to the environmental changes and easy to modify camera settings if required.

Features of LPR Systems and LPR Cameras

Built-in auto setup wizard helps easy integration and configuration

Embedded web server, accessible via web browsers

Image download feature

Barrier control functions (trigger in - out)

Live image display

Auto day & night switch

Automated adaptive function to track environmental changes 

Megapixel resolution

Still images and MJPEG stream output

Simultaneous image display

High quality product at an unbelievable price.

Applications of LPR Systems and LPR Cameras 

Access control (Entry & Exit) to restricted car parks or vehicle storage area

Maximum stay car park management

POE (Pay-On-Exit) car park management

POF (Pay-On-Foot) car park management

Security control / monitoring

Weight-In-Motion (WIM) systems

Border control

Tolling applications

Gas station

Hotels & residential areas

Driver image capture

Electronic document format

Low minimum system requirements

Customizable reports

Scalable up to 18 cameras

CASS Parking now stand as the top manufacturer of License Plate Recognition System in Middle East. We are glad to offer our best LPR system services. Our LPR system services are available in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, India, Pakistan, Canada as well as in African countries.

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