Gate Barrier System

Gate Barrier is not a new term for people from old days people used gate barriers to stop animal approached to their fields. In the old days the gate barrier is made of heavy wooden bar which block the animal access, but a person can access this way easily, the old gate barrier is working on counter weighted mechanisms (one side having weight and other side having rope) this make easy opening and closing of the gate. 

Old gate barriers replace with the new dynamic and electronics gate barrier, according to the requirement and modernization of the today's world. Gate Barrier is also called boom gate or boom barrier. Modern Boom gate is the used to block the vehicular access through a controlled point easily found at railway crossing, parking area of commercial properties, controlling vehicle passage through toll booths and on some restricted area that are used by only authorized authority. 

Gate barriers are operated either electrically or manually. Manual Gate barrier operated either through winch or force dropping. Automatic /electric gate is operated through push button, RFID Reader, ANPR Reader, loop detector and remote control. The organization uses an operation method according to requirement most of shopping complex using push button technology. 

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