01 Mar 2018
What is parking Guidance System and Why You Need It?

Parking guidance system is a type of system that is mainly used for tracking huge parking spaces that can’t be easily monitored by without employing a number of monitoring staff regularly. Places such as shopping malls, airports etc requires proper monitoring of already occupied and for vacant spaces. 

A top quality parking guidance system can easily help the staff management to properly guiding the incoming vehicles in the empty spaces while at the same time avoids the unnecessary congestion in different sections of the parking spaces.

A well developed parking guidance system helps the mall owners to reduce the total physical resources and other inter-communication with seniors for the status of specific sections of the parking lot. 

Car parking sensor helps in transmitting real time signals to some of the popular signage platforms and also in-front of central office monitoring. This data will inform the authorities to completely monitor the situation of the parking places. A weekly and monthly report of the parking lot helps the managers to easily take the future decision making.


Important Features of Parking Guidance System:

There are some important features of parking guidance system which are given below:

1. Node Controller: The complete parking management system can be divided into small groups which further connect with the help of node controller.

2. LED Detector: This is one of the most important parts of a good parking system. This is easily visible from the far away and regularly notifies the driver if there is any vacant space found in a specific lane or not.

3. Indoor LED Displays: This helps the new visitors to know about the status of a specific section in the parking lot. Our parking system comes in a wide variety of Indoor LED Displays.

4. Parking Management Software: This web based application helps in displaying a map of the particular lot. We provide parking ticket software with an easy to use user-interface.