15 Oct 2018
Under Vehicle Scanning and Surveillance System for Vehicle Inspection

Under vehicle scanning and surveillance is executed by an individual holding a mirror that reflects the undercarriage of vehicle. The information achieved from this technique is somewhat incomplete because most of the vehicle does not reflect the complete undercarriage of the vehicle. This manual inspection of vehicle is time consuming, labor-intensive and does not provide complete security. 

In order to overcome this, the modern under vehicle scanning systems are used. These systems consist of an under vehicle camera system along with an LPR (License plate recognition) system.  Under vehicle surveillance systems are designed to detect, examine, and digitally record high resolution images of vehicle’s undersides. Under vehicle surveillance solutions provides high resolution imaging system in order to provide clear picture of undercarriage of a moving vehicle within fraction of seconds. 

Under vehicle camera systems basically capture series of high resolution images of a vehicle undercarriage by scanning vehicles of all categories and sizes like cars, vans, buses, tractors, trucks, etc. The Under vehicle camera systems consists of digital camera to provide high-resolution, clear, and sharp images. UVSS system offers an ideal under vehicle surveillance solution for almost every kind of transportation facilities.

Unique benefits of Under vehicle surveillance systems and Under vehicle camera systems:

Under vehicle surveillance systems are used to perform high quality and highly effective investigation against explosives

Under vehicle camera systems provide high resolution images of the entire vehicle undercarriage 

Cost-effective and convenient solution to identify suspicious items

Offers effective visibility and detection of any dangerous object that may be attached to the undercarriage of the vehicle

Real time identification and faster image processing

Consists of digital camera to capture coloured images of moving vehicles undercarriage

Number plate and can be compared to previously recorded images

Best inspection solution for entry of hotels, residential buildings or any other parking facilities.