03 Apr 2018
Smart parking systems and parking control systems to manage visitor

Smart parking systems and parking control systems are considered as the best way to strengthen client satisfaction and to increase revenue. It enhances customer experience by offering enhanced security. Smart parking systems accommodate necessary platform for improving the efficiencies of a cashless parking facility.

In early time people used to pay by cash but these day’s cashless parking payment system is in use approximately globally. The drawback of paying with cash or coin is that one always need to have loose change with them and one has to calculate the amount of time they want to park in advance.

Pay by coupon, pay on foot parking system and pay by mobile application systems are considered as the most appropriate way of parking payment system.

Pay on foot parking system:

Pay on foot parking system requires to pay before exiting the parking facility. In pay on foot parking systems, to make payment customers need to insert their tickets into a payment machine. Here the driver has to pay at a payment machine before leaving the parking facility. A pay on foot parking system is considered as an appropriate, trustworthy and flexible solution for parking payment. This parking payment system is considered highly suitable for the customer and maximizes revenue opportunities for the parking owner.

Pay by mobile application systems:

Pay by mobile application systems allow customers to add their parking sessions time through mobile phone. It send a text message to alert the customer about their parking session time. Pay by mobile application offers a unique feature to extend their parking time just by texting back.

Pay by coupon:

In pay by coupon system the customer need to have a coupon book. The customer need to fill the coupon by mentioning the exact date and time of parking. After leaving the parking facility, car owner has to tear off the coupon because it is valid only for single time. The coupons can only be valid at a specific parking facility and cannot be used in other parking facilities.