20 Mar 2018
RFID Reader Systems and UHF Reader Systems

RFID Reader Systems:

RFID reader is an electronic device that uses radio frequency waves to transmit the data in order to recognize and track the vehicle. RFID readers have the ability to recognize the objects more quickly and precisely. RFID reader systems can help you bring exact and trustworthy reading for any domain.

RFID reader provide benefit over manual systems. The tag can be read easily if passed near a reader, even if it is covered by the object or not visible. RFID reader system offers a method for organizations to recognize and handle objects without manual data entry. RFID reader solutions helps you to discover the right information that is used to track individual objects.

The RFID reader system is a network based device that can be either connected or movable. It uses radio frequency waves to transfer instructions that activate the tag. Once the tag is activated, it sends a wave back to the antenna, where it is transferred into data. The read range for RFID reader tags varies based on parameters containing type of reader tag, type of reader, frequency of RFID, and interference.

UHF Reader Systems: 

UHF reader system is ultra-high frequency reader system, it consist of an integrated circuit and an antenna. UHF reader systems refers to a technology in which digital data is encrypted into RFID tags through radio waves. UHF reader systems can offer frequency range from 300 MHz to 960 MHz and can typically be read upto 25 feet apart.

UHF reader antenna are used to transfer data to the RFID reader, RFID reader then converts the radio waves to a more operational form of data. Data collected from the RFID tags are then transmitted through a communication medium to the centralized computer system, where the data can be saved in a database and investigated at a later time.