18 Jul 2018
Revenue Parking Management Systems

Parking has become one of the most expanded revenue string for parking management system companies and property owners. In order to increase revenue string, parking management system companies offers efficient and intelligent parking solutions and visitor parking systems like sensor based parking systems, single space parking systems and parking control systems. 

CASS Parking offers revenue parking management systems and visitor parking systems. The main important part of revenue parking management system is Integrity and flexible customer service. The services rates we provide varies from location to location depending on your requirements.

Sensor Based Parking Systems:

Sensor based parking systems are employed to fulfill the requirement of reliable energy efficient communication between parking equipment’s. These systems are able to respond and control the surroundings with the help of sensors.

Sensor based parking system monitors the unoccupied parking spaces and directs the motorist to the available free spaces. Sensor based parking system also monitors the amount of time the vehicle has been parked in parking facility for billing purpose.

How it works:

Collect sensor data

Check available parking slot state in real-time

Send parking slot information to the webserver

Single space parking systems generally detects and notify about available parking spaces. It detects either the parking space is occupied by a vehicle or not. Single space parking systems generally transmit real-time parking information. This information is used by the drivers to find closest available parking space and thus minimize time to search available parking.

Features of single space parking systems:

Less power utilization

Detect any number of parking spaces

Accurate vehicle detection


Easy to merge with existing framework

Parking Control Systems:

Parking control system offers a control access to parking facilities with exit and entry gates. Generally used to manage the access into and out of a parking facility. In parking control systems, alarms are used to indicate the error related to the vehicle.

Parking control system help parking management companies who are facing issue with unauthorized parking in their parking facilities.