16 May 2018
Parking Space Protector to Protect your Individual Parking Spot

Parking bay protectors are used to stop unwanted vehicles in your parking area and to reserve your parking space or lay flat for vehicle access. The stainless framework of the car space protectors makes it long-lasting and rustproof under all weather changes. 

The remote parking space protector has a fixed and broad base to let you place it on rough surfaces as well. These parking spot protectors can also be locked for appropriate handling and blocking of any unauthorized use.

 Individual car space protector will restrict any vehicle attempting to park in your parking space. It ignores the inconvenience of parking space to be occupied by others. Individual parking space protectors are dust proof enough to last about 4-5 years in drastic weather.

Features and Benefits of Parking Space Protectors:

  • Protect your reserved car space
  • Permits operation without power supply
  • Adjusted to an extensible height
  • Easily closed flat when not required
  • Consists of a stable and wide base
  • Prevents any unauthorized use
  • Includes a padlock for locking the mechanism
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor parking spaces
  • Water-proof
  • Anti-pressure
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Power status indicator


CASS Parking manufacture and supply a complete range of remote parking space protectors. Our Individual parking spot protector comes with its own unique individual parking lock for your parking spot security.

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