22 Nov 2018
Parking Management with RFID System

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. It is a type of wireless communication that utilizes the behaviour of electromagnetic coupling along with the radio waves of the electromagnetic spectrum. This amalgamation helped us to build a new era of uniquely identifying objects, wildlife or humans.

RFID System uses electromagnetic fields to digitally identify trail of tags attached to various items or devices. It utilizes the principle of radio waves here as radio waves have larger wavelength compared to others. The tag which is read by RFID does not have to be compulsorily at the line of sight. It can be scrutinized from up to several feet distance too. RFID Systems have appreciably enhanced over the past few years, now reaching read rates close to 100% and attaining the view of RFID experts. To execute a system that works this well, various characteristic must be taken into examination and the better choices made.


RFID consists of mainly 3 things:

1) RFID TAG- This is the silicon microchip which is embedded to materials such as plastics or glass and fastened to a mini antenna.

2) THE READER: The reader is the signal receiving device. It is made up of a scanner and antenna to detect the radio signals from the tags.

3) THE PROCESSOR OR CONTROLLER: The processor can be a computer or any device which processes the signals or data received from the reader and communicates to the user.


Due to the potential of RFID system to capture and host radio signals, it is widely used in vehicular parking. It can be used in residential areas, gated societies, malls, business parking areas, university parking for students and faculties etc.

The work to install RFID at various locations starts right from supplying RFID tags to all the vehicles of a particular area. Readers are positioned at the entry and exit points within the parking zone. When the automobiles approach these regions, the readers detect the signals which are broadcasted or emitted by the tags in the vehicles.

This signalled data are then gathered in a software where they are processed. Then the software tells the system to allow entry to the vehicles and record their activities.


The benefits of installing RFID System are listed below:

·         24*7 fully automated system

·         Less manual labour required

·         Complete remote management

·         Installed at diverse locations and managed from one single region

·         Reduction of expenses

·         Improved security