11 Mar 2019
Parking Management in UAE, Qatar and India

Insufficiency of convenient parking arrangements originate several hassle for approximately every driver. Parking management will constantly perform an important role to strengthen the metropolitan domain. It signifies the strategies and solutions that ensure systematic utilization of parking resources. Significantly implemented parking system offer various financial, social and environmental benefits. Several parking establishment possessor execute parking management system to fir parking complications.

This flexible and intelligent system enhance the assistance delivered by the parking facilities by efficiently using the parking resources. Insufficiency of convenient parking arrangements originate several hassle for approximately every driver. Every type of parking facility comprise its unique ability and excellence. Without the genuine execution of parking management system, motor vehicle are purposeless. 

According to the parking authority, parking management system incorporate the productive implementation of parking resources. Establishments are required to put an attempt in order to achieve a modified perspective of complications by adopting an absolute procedure that would be suitable to the parking facilities rather than inquiring for particular parking clarifications. Parking establishment possessors need to pay attention on two leading circumstance: first, establishment necessities need to be appropriately recognized by the facility possessors and second, approaches to accomplish the specified goal by properly utilizing the available parking resources.  

This intelligent system supports mobility management. It provides major portion of efforts to uplift more systematic transportation designs, which tends to minimize difficulties like traffic jam, roadway costs, pollution discharge, energy exhaustion and traffic mishap. Majority of the establishment possessors choose to extend their parking resources because of their outstanding expenditure and contribution in parking management.

Parking management systems include:

·         Entry Machines

·         Exit Machines

·         Automated Pay Machines

·         Manual Cashier

·         Central Cashier

·         Industrial Grade Parking Server

Importance of Parking Management System:

·         Improve parking efficiency and user experience

·         Open system with infinite interfaces, to meet unique customer specifications

·         Maintain centralized data management of vehicles and parking lots

·         Innovative parking solution to protect your parking lot and vehicles

·         Strengthen the drivers parking experience

·         This intelligent system involves appreciable turnover

·         Reduces land requirements and so helps to conserve green areas