18 Jul 2018
Parking Guidance to Supervise Vehicles

Parking guidance is designed to supervise the vehicles on the availability of individual parking spaces in the parking facility. Parking guidance system offers a solution to resolve the traffic issue generated by drivers searching free parking spaces. Parking guidance is able to represent drivers the accurate and real time information on the availability status of available spaces in parking facilities. With the help of guidance signs, vehicles are guided directly towards the available parking space.

Parking guidance helps drivers to find available parking spaces very quickly and easily, this results in smooth traffic flow. This parking system may become a competitive advantage because it generates an additional revenue for the parking facility operators. Parking guidance systems offer drivers with accurate information on the car park current occupancy by reducing the time required for searching available parking space.

Parking guidance will exactly track the number of vehicles in the parking facility and indicate how much parking spaces are still available. The two main advantages of parking guidance system includes upgraded utilization of parking facility and improved usage of data. The data provided by this system holds more precise data about the total number of vehicles entering parking facilities and their peak hours. Parking guidance includes continuous monitoring of system performance and correct operations with lower maintenance costs.

Parking guidance is appropriate for the parking facilities having high traffic load and complicated facility layout. This parking system consist of parking sensors that are used as recognition devices for monitoring the presence of vehicles in individual parking spaces. Each sensor is connected to the associated LED light to notify the drivers immediately towards the present availability of free parking spaces. LED lights are located just above the parking spaces so they are clearly observable for passing drivers. With the help of color light signals, drivers are able to reach available parking spaces quickly and easily.