07 Sep 2018
Parking Guidance System and its Benefits

To eliminate the modernization of social nuisance, we need to consider some of the important aspects like, accidents, traffic congestion and environmental pollution. To beat this problem of parking, modern science and technology comes into play and introduced the car parking guidance system.Let’s have a deeper look on parking guidance system

Parking guidance system ameliorate the problem of parking by focusing on the arrangements of parking which further improves the parking use of equalization, proper utilization of parking berths, diminishing the phenomena of on-street parking.

It is a car park guidance system which includes traffic monitoring, information distribution and communication to provide dynamic and real-time information to the drivers about the space availability in the parking. “Life is a journey but don’t worry, you will find a parking spot at the end”. The urban parking guidance system is a part of Intelligent Transportation System, commonly known as ITS. The countries which have done a lot of research and applied it to the city center are: Europe and United States of America. Other developed countries like Germany and USA use this parking guidance system and get benefited with minimal road usage, ease traffic congestion and reduce vehicle noise.

Implementation of parking guidance system:

This wonderful system is implemented with the help of science and technology, it is a combination of sensors in and around the parking area, dynamic signage and the Internet.

It uses ultrasonic technology which calculates and find out the individual space availability and occupancy. The other thing is on-street parking, for on-street parking there are in-ground sensors which works on ultra-sideband radar. It uses multi-colored LEDs which guide the driver whether the spaces are reserved, occupied or free. 

Not only this, the system also provides the facility of payment services and pre-booking, which help the traveler to plan their journey. Communicating parking availability and on-street displays, it also pushes the information via internet and smart device applications.

Benefits of parking guidance system:




Reduction in vehicle emissions

Optimization of parking spaces

Real-time space inventory to public

Save time

Parking is a nightmare for many people but with the evolution of parking guidance system you can deal it with a great ease.