16 Apr 2019
Parking Barrier solutions to control vehicular access

Vehicle barrier systems: Vehicle barrier systems are especially designed to control the flow of traffic and to provide protection against unauthorized access. Vehicle arm barriers can be regulated by an array of processes depending on site location and the category of vehicles. Vehicle barrier systems act are generally installed to protect residential buildings, parking lots, etc. to prevent unauthorized entry of vehicles. One can easily open the vehicle barrier with the help of a push button. The main important feature of vehicle barrier system is its upgraded security while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Vehicle arm barriers: Vehicle arm barriers offers complete and professional solution for parking management. Vehicle arm barriers are easy to operate, as it requires less manpower and less maintenance. Vehicle arm barriers provide cost effective method for managing and handling vehicle access. These parking barriers are applicable for both residential and intensive use. Vehicle arm barriers can be made by using iron, steel or aluminum, these parking barriers are reliable and can be used for a long time.  

Access barrier systems: Access barrier systems are designed by considering maximum safety in mind which is extremely useful to control the vehicular access and traffic management. Access barrier systems are designed with corrosion resistant material and powerful drive unit. Access barrier systems are simple to install and offer instant upgraded security. These parking barriers are designed to ensure best comfort of operation for the customers. Access barrier systems comes in complimentary color design according to customer’s need.

Automatic gate barrier systems: Automatic gate barriers are considered as an excellent solution for customers who bother more for upgraded security of their residential areas and for whom the vehicle access control is important. Automatic gate barriers are designed and developed to give best performance and remote diagnostics. Automatic gate barrier systems are known for their comfort of use and safety of operations. These parking barriers are perfect for toll stations and parking facilities. Automatic gate barriers are not only efficient but also intelligent and ultra-safe.