05 Nov 2018
LPN System for Vehicle Recognition

LPN System is generally used to read and recognize the number plate or a license plate of a vehicle for official recognition purpose.  LPN Systems provides automatic access to the data of license plate by managing the databases and processing information of vehicle movements.  License plate recognition system identification does not require any involvement of the driver because the vehicle is automatically identified when it enters the recognition range of the reader.

License plate recognition system software comprise of multiple algorithms that makes it easier to recognize the number plate of vehicle in numerous scenarios. Even if a vehicle is moving rapidly and visibility is bounded, license plate recognition system camera is still able to identify the plate number. This automatic vehicle recognition system works with the help of RFID technology, which is used to validate vehicle at distances of up to 33ft and with speed up to 200 km/h.

How License Plate Recognition System or LPN system works:

License plate recognition capture images of license plate or number plate, then these images are evaluated by a series of algorithms that are capable of converting the license plate number into alpha numeric characters.

Working of LPN system involve following steps:

Identification of License Plate: In this step the algorithms look for geometric shapes of rectangular proportion. A vehicle may have many rectangular objects on it, another algorithms are required to confirm that the analyzed object is actually a license plate.

Resizing of Number Plate: This step involves the removal of unwanted outer areas of captured images.

Character Partitioning: This steps involves portioning of alpha numeric characters on a license plate. Then with the help of OCR algorithm the characters on image are converted into an alpha numeric text entry.

Why LPN System or License Plate Recognition System:

To identify threats: License plate recognition system software is capable of discovering a potential warning and thus makes the work of safety workforce easy.

Allows the driver to pass without interruption: Once the image of license plate is captured the system identifies the license plate, and the gate opens automatically. This permits the driver to pass their vehicle without any interference by saving their time.

Collecting useful data: Prepaid parking members can be easily differentiated from non-members.

Database Management: Incoming data is integrated in an organized and accessible database that is enhanced by a different logical tools.