15 Oct 2018
License Plate Recognition Systems for Controlled Parking

License Plate Recognition system uses optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the characters of license plate. License Plate Recognition cameras are mounted on vehicle. So, when the camera moves it captures the photograph of license plates and transfer data to database.

Adding an ALPR Camera into a surveillance system will provide a complete security solution by supervising a vehicle entering or exiting the parking area. License plate recognition camera systems operated automatically to capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate and transform that image into alphanumeric characters.

How License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Works:

License plate recognition cameras capture the License Plate - Camera provides a very high quality image and right resolution.  LPR cameras are able to capture the license plate image in both day and night.

Preprocessing of LPR image - License plate recognition camera can capture a plate at various distances and locations within the field of view.  This process corrects the skew, location, and size.

Character Recognition - Here two types of algorithms are used by OCR engines. The first technique matches the pattern of images and stores all the pixels of images. The second technique remove features such as lines, curves, and intersects to create a match. License plate recognition camera system then compare this information to a database or just saved it for later use.

Applications of Automatic License Plate Recognition System:

  • Controlled Parking Entry
  • Automatically collects parking fee
  • Automated Parking Fee collection
  • Used as a backup to long range electrical device
  • Stolen vehicle identification
  • Tracking suspicious persons
  • Captures the license plate of vehicles
  • Journey Time Measurement
  • Border Control
  • Commercial applications
  • Withstand outdoor weather
  • Cost effective
  • Make your surveillance system complete

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