16 May 2018
Intelligent Parking Systems and Integrated Parking Solutions

Intelligent parking systems are generally used to manage and identify vehicles in parking facilities. This intelligent parking system allows you to identify and authorize the vehicle at both entry and exit points. Parking management system offers intelligent parking payment solutions to provide professional parking management and security solutions. The main objective of Intelligent parking system is to use the parking areas efficiently by properly utilizing the parking spaces. 

It reduces the congestion of the cars in the parking and make them run smoothly. The goal of parking management systems is to automate and reduce time spent manually searching for the optimal parking floor, spot and even lot. Integrated parking solutions makes it effortless to supervise the critical vehicle parking operations with upgraded and improved features. 

Intelligent parking systems uses parking mobile applications and parking payment systems to enhance the visitor experience. Intelligent Parking Systems and integrated parking systems consists of an entry token or ticket dispenser machine and a gate barrier located at the entrance of the parking lot. Pressing the button of entry machine releases a token that stores date and time of vehicle entry. Once the token is dispensed the barrier opens automatically, after successfully finding the free parking space and parking the vehicle, you can validate you token at the nearest Pay station.

Components of intelligent Parking Systems and integrated parking solutions:

1) Parking mobile application systems is responsible for managing and supervising data for all vehicles and sensors.

2) Web based mobile application solution supports public application that assist parking related data, such as capacity and current available parking space.

3) Database server is used to store all information related to the parking applications.