12 Jun 2018
Increase your revenue with parking management system

To manage intelligent parking management system and token based parking in metropolitan cities is quite a tough and challenging. The corporate and industry people who will adapt to changing markets may not get adapted to the most of parking systems easily. 

For that to happen you need to lure your customers with certain strategies that are worth trying and finds no harm in implementation of smart parking systems like ticketless parking systems, Ultrasonic parking guidance systems, Automatic car space protector, etc.


The foremost: protect your regular visitors

 Providing the best automatic parking management systems and token based parking solutions to your visitors is like almost treating a guest with royalty. They feel like annoyed to meet your integral part of services, if you fail in the first step. To provide a good parking management system you need to have an automated parking guidance system which directs them to the free spaces directly. As you do that you will avoid the step of paper/token based parking system which many customers may lose or don’t care to preserve it until they stop using your services. Furthermore they get annoyed if you question them about their payment for the service provision, so always use automated valet parking solutions and smart parking solutions that directly maintains the time and data of the services utilized in a computer server. An automatic parking management system can always integrate with your internal computer system in a better way.


Use a perfect revenue plan

 Most parking space owners imply same charges upon the customers that use their services in a distinguished manner. Some customers, especially guests in case of hotels may drive out in the early mornings and return only at late nights, and there are some regular visitors who use the parking spaces for most of the times as their cars are always occupied with in some space. There are two things you can do in some of the cases as mentioned above. Construct a smart parking management system that enables low tariffs for those who utilize the spaces at only night times and maximize tariffs for those who use throughout the morning time, however pay some loyalty for your frequent visitors by offering them first preference over the guests or dedicate them a parking space that always look forward for their presence. Either way you have to make them feel that they are special while utilizing your parking services.


Fast track points

 Have a rate table that is fixed, it show case your transparency and when u decrease the price to certain customers it elevates them.

Maintain a trained staff such that they should always pass the instructions (about utilizing your parking management services) with a smile on face.