01 May 2018
Gate Barriers For Safe and Authenticated Access

A gate barrier system are generally used to allow or block the vehicular access, it is also known as a Parking barrier system. Vehicle barrier systems are generally installed on parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances in order to restrict areas and to control passage through toll booths.The arms of vehicle barrier systems are of unique lengths based on site requirements. 

Automatic gate barrier systems and remote parking barrier solutions can be operated easily through a push button or remote control. Gate barriers provides security at the exit and the entry point of parking areas. where moderate to heavy traffic is expected. 

Types of Gate barriers:

1) Manual Gate Barriers

In the Manual System the gates barriers are manually opened and closed by using an arrangement of a pulley and rope. 

2) Semi-Automatic Gate Barriers 

In a Semi-Automatic system, the booms are operated with the help of switch arrangement. 

3) Automatic Gate Barriers

In an Automatic system, a RFID card reader is installed on the Boom Barrier and all authorized vehicles are issued synchronous RFID card/stickers. 

An Automatic gate barrier can be operated through:

Normal Push Button

Remote Control

RFID Reader

Loop Detector

Any third party access control device

Why Gate Barrier?

Gate barriers are used to authorize every type of vehicle access in car parks, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, parking facilities, as well as all other types of small or large public facility in order to get convenient security system.

Gate barriers are made from best quality material so one can use it for a longer period of time and because of its water resistant quality it is ideal for using in any weather condition. These barriers can conveniently restrict the flow of traffic and also secure your premises.

Automated Gate barrier | parking spot barrier are really a wonderful idea to reduce the tedious manual work and secure your premises.

Gate Barrier is an efficient Device which has useful Properties such as:


Security Management

Water Proof

Used for Directing Traffic

Prevents the unauthorized entry of vehicles into a particular property

Gate barriers are available in several types and lengths

It records the registration number of vehicles

It monitors the entry and exit of vehicles.

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