07 Sep 2018
Features of parking guidance system

Each parking space is unique and requires proper management system in order to provide excellent services. Parking Guidance Systems helps in designing and planning of traffic flow, guidance systems, payment systems, and access management of every parking space.

Parking Guidance System not only reduces time in searching free available parking lots but also helps to reduce traffic and therefore decreases the emission of pollutants and noise. Parking Guidance System aims to expand your business potential and increase the satisfaction level of customers who visit your site by improving the productivity of your parking space. 

This system will deploy best experience in parking and traffic management to provide the most flexible parking management and security solutions. When the customer park their vehicle, the earlier they can do business with you if they get organized and managed parking space. Optimize your parking system to design and develop a long lasting impression. Earn your customers’ devotion. Once they experience the best services in your parking lot, you can expect them to be back and do more further business with you.

Parking Guidance System guide your customers with various directional signs that helps the customers to find free and vacant spaces. Green sign indicates the space is vacant whereas the Red Cross signs indicates the space is full. It helps customers to see vacant parking space from a distance with single detectors that is mounted at the top of each slot.

Parking guidance system can be established as a unique system for the guidance of individual parking solution or as section of an integrated area-wide system providing costumers the best and exact information about the parking space. This system ensures that all parking spaces are filled before closing any parking zones.

LED indicates vacant and occupied parking slots. Generally two colors LED are used to guide costumers to find available spaces. Colors with their meaning are mentioned below:

RED – Parking space is occupied

GREEN – Parking space is available

Features & Benefits of Parking Guidance System:

• Increased customer loyalty

• Easy to find the vacant slots

• Less vehicle emission

• Provides information on occupancy of each level 

• Complete information about number of reserved and unreserved spaces

• Entry and exit counting

• Maximizes the turnover of spaces

• Directs vehicles to the nearest available vacant space

• User friendly graphical interface

• Real time monitoring of parking space availability by facility, level and single space

• Contributing to lower congestion and pollution levels.