29 Mar 2018
Choose a Technology that Aims to Curb Parking Challenges
Searching for parking space is a common source of frustration for any vehicle owner. From residential to commercial each type of parking infrastructure has its own particular parking requirements. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the latest technologies and techniques to make your parking space hassle free. Latest technologies, including Long range RFID access technology, ANPR/LPR – license plate recognition, computerized valet parking, parking space protectors, under vehicle scanning solutions are changing the face of parking spaces. 

These new techniques are becoming a reality in smart parking infrastructure. These provide benefits such as better traffic flow, reduced pollution and reduced level of frustration in the drivers. Most engineers and architects are adapting the radical new designs in creating an optimized use of parking space. Take a look at these latest parking solutions while planning any residential or commercial building:

1. RFID access technology.
2. ANPR/LPR – license plate recognition.
3. Computerized valet parking.
4. Parking space protectors.
5. Under vehicle scanning.

RFID access technology: RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. The RFID access technology is used for automatic vehicle tracking. It delivers vehicle management with accurate, up-to the minute information, high- speed communication and powerful analysis features. This technology has revolutionized the control and logistical organization needs. 

ANPR/LPR – license plate recognition: With ANPR/LPR - License Plate Recognition technology your vehicle’s license plate can be easily recognized and seamlessly integrated into the parking management software. It detects your license plate number from still images and video stream.

Computerized valet parking: Valet parking is a simple and convenient way to get your car parked especially in crowded urban areas. With automated valet parking you do not have to walk from a far-off parking space to get into your car. It saves you time and also provide the ability to pack more vehicles into a given space in the stack parking manner. 

Parking Space protectors: The parking space protector is perfect for privately owned car space. These are mounted in the form of bar, pressed to the ground. It will be driven over with the right front wheel of the vehicle. During the day time the parking space protector is lowered consistently for long-term parking with assigned parking spaces. At night, the parking space protector raises up automatically after leaving the respective parking spaces. 

Under vehicle scanning: This system consists of imaging systems mounted on a roadway. Cameras capture images of the undercarriage of the vehicle for manual or automated visual inspection. An under-vehicle scanning system helps to detect threats hidden underneath vehicles. It is used at various facility access points to secure the check point. 

Bottom Line:

In a global marketplace where time management and productivity of work space is crucial for the success, incorporate these parking space management tools to drive down the parking costs and increase the value of service. You can easily choose an efficient vehicle management system online to get the ease in parking, security and automation industry.