17 Dec 2018
Boom Barrier Manufacturer

These days we have a multiple number of control systems for security purpose but boom barriers are considered as the simplest and appropriate solution to control parking access. Boom barriers can comfortably and smartly meet parking access needs of any private enterprise or industrial establishments to authorize visitors. Parking barriers have an easy and effective design to guarantee security, safety and durability.

Barrier bars are available in different length and different specifications to meet any specific functional demand with extreme security and benefit. Most of the boom barriers are designed with maximum security in mind. Barriers can be installed or fixed either facing each other or can be synchronized at the same access point and can be operated separately or in a synchronized way. These barriers are designed and developed by using a very best quality of raw materials in accordance with the international quality standards.

Reasons you need a Boom Barrier:

1)      Protection of Vehicle

One of the primary need of implementing boom barriers is to minimize any possible damage of your vehicle. In the unsuitable incident boom barrier will completely reduce the possibility of physical injury and any damage to the vehicle.  That’s the reason why it is necessary to analyze the kind of barriers you are using and to make sure you have the most efficient model of boom barrier.

2)      Secure Equipment/Material

Boom barriers are designed by considering maximum security and safety in mind. The installation of a parking barriers can ensure that all the essential domain of your business are safeguarded from any external damage.

3)      Intelligent

Boom barrier gates are not only efficient but also intelligent. These parking barriers are capable of identifying the direction of vehicle with the help of its dual channel vehicle detector. The dual channel vehicle detector is especially required for vehicle counting.   

4)      Effective traffic management

Gate barriers are considered as a greatest tool for the management of traffic. These barriers are used where the unavailability of parking space is an issue. Parking barriers are designed for both low and medium traffic applications, it offers an awesome output rate that may vary from 180 to more than 240 vehicles per hour depending on the length of boom.             

What CASS Parking offers?

CASS Parking is a reputed UAE based boom barrier manufacturer company. CASS Parking offers best parking barriers to control the access of vehicles and are easy to install. CASS barriers are perfect solution to control traffic in parking facilities like residential areas, organizations, toll gates, etc. We as a boom barrier manufacturer provide you the cost-effective boom barrier solutions that can be deployed for a long time to offer excellent performance.