07 Sep 2018
Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems – To Monitor Vehicle

ANPR system includes ANPR Camera that records the picture of vehicle license plate when a vehicle passes by the camera. ANPR camera systems are generally used by police forces to check either a vehicle is registered or not. Automatic number plate recognition systems basically reads images of vehicle plates to create and store vehicle location data. The ANPR software will then create a log of all vehicle license plate along with associated information like as date, time and GPS location.

ANPR camera system is used to save the images captured by the cameras including the text from license plate. ANPR system uses infrared lightening in order to capture the image at any time of either day or night.Automatic number plate recognition system can easily run on standard computers and can be connected to other applications and databases. 

ANPR system identify, normalize and improve image of the number plate to take out the character set of the vehicle license plate. When a vehicle passes through an ANPR camera, its registration number is captured by ANPR camera. Its registration number is checked in database records and if the vehicle is already registered, it is authorized to move. ANPR camera solutions are used by private organizations, local authorities and transport departments for to monitor the traffic flows and is also used for car park management.

How ANPR Camera System works:

Detection of the vehicle and image capture - ANPR cameras records the picture of vehicle license plate to provide better image quality.

License plate recognition - reads the license plate characters from the camera image to create a log of vehicle associated information like as date, time and GPS location.

Further processing - process the number plate data automatically, the system can open a barrier at a highway toll or an immediate warning can be sent to the police about a stolen car.


ANPR system has many important applications – these applications includes:

·         Parking management

·         Parking overstay management

·         Automated threats of unwanted or unauthorized vehicles

·         Automated distribution delivery / collection

·         Directing traffic and parking flow surveys

·         Site access control

·         Enhancing site security

·         Reducing staffing costs

·         Creating revenue

·         Traffic surveys

·         Records entry and exit times

·         Reduces staffing cost

·         Monitor moment of vehicle in the parking area

We as a parking equipment manufacturer are glad to offer our reliable and Dubai police approved ANPR camera systems.