Automatic Boom Barrier System

These days Security is the most important concern to secure commercial and residential properties. By installing boom barriers, one can improve the privacy and security of their property by approving or denying entry to vehicles. A boom barrier or a boom gate is a pole that is hinged, which allows to block vehicular access. Boom barriers are excellent equipments for a fruitful parking management system.

Boom barrier systems can successfully control the circulation of traffic and regulate the movement of pedestrians as well. They serve for the security purposes too. Their reliable mechanism and wide varieties of designs meet the industrial, commercial and residential demands. They can be put to use at the entry and exit gates of parking facility where there is a possibility of heavy traffic congestion.

Automatic boom barrier systems are especially flexible and can be designed and programmed to resemble individual requirements. Boom barrier systems offer effective security at both entry and exit points of industries, parking lots, shopping complexes, residential areas and other parking facilities.

Automatic boom barrier systems are designed and developed with unique and flexible technologies to stand against extreme climatic conditions. Boom barriers are considered as the perfect safety devices to identify the presence of vehicles. Gate barriers are made up of best quality materials and appreciated for their high durability and low maintenance. Automatic boom barriers are water proof and resistant to corrosion so one can easily use it for a longer term. Automatic boom barrier solutions are really a wonderful idea to reduce the monotonous hand-operated work and secure your buildings.

Automatic boom barrier systems are used extensively to secure entrances worldwide. The boom barriers always work in a faster and automatic manner. Automatic boom barrier solutions are used to detect and restrict the flow of traffic. These barriers are also used to control the flow of traffic, if your parking area is full, boom barriers can prevent further entry of vehicles.

Advantages of Boom Barrier Systems:

Ensures quick opening and closing of the barrier with soft landing

Prevents the entry of unauthorized vehicles by monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles

Gate barriers are made up of best quality materials and appreciated for high durability 

Boom arms are of different length and can be adjusted according to the site requirement

Boom barriers can also monitor and record the details of every single vehicle that enters and leaves your property.

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