ANPR System

CASS Parking is a Dubai police approved ANPR system manufacturer in Middle East and ALPR system manufacturer in Middle East. We as an ANPR system manufacturer, offers you a wide range of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solutions which are designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry needs & demand. With a vision to achieve unrivaled international performance Cass Parking has started to offer a complete package of ANPR systems and solutions. Once we get to know about your requirement through our thorough site consultation, we deliver a full deck of high performance HD cameras and software solutions optimized for your easy management.

Our Dubai police approved ANPR solutions can be used as carry through or fully integrated with your systems. At CASS Parking we have customized each and every ANPR system to conform to specific industry requirements that vary from Electronic Toll Collecting, Parking management, Access controls, revenue controlling, intelligent systems, Traffic monitoring wings and Public Safety.

Our Dubai police approved ANPR systems are viable under High speed traffic applications up to 160 km/h (100 mph), and are 24/7 ready to capture in any rugged environment conditions. We will set-up developer friendly software that can embed with any customized application to meet the need. Our DPS approved ANPR are Energy efficient, consumes less amount of power comparatively.

We feel pride in delivering the Dubai police approved ANPR system that are highly optimized electronically and optically advanced. We supply ANPR systems for Airports, Traffic & Police, Border Security, Government Departments, Parliament & Courts Premises, Embassy Premises, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Multi-level car parks, Amusement Parks, Hotels, IT & Corporate Parks, Mixed use developments, etc.


There are two types of ANPR cameras we provide:-


·         Built in auto setup functions to help easy integration and configuration

·         IP camera with embedded web server, remote access from web browser

·         Automatic brightness control optimized for number plate recognition

·         Offering higher OCR accuracy in license plate recognition based systems

·         Capturing high quality images, even on vehicle traveling at speeds up to 255 km/h

·         Auto day and night switch


·         Built in auto setup functions for integration and configuration

·         Embedded web server to handle

·         Live and buffered image

·         Barrier control functions

·         Auto day and night switch

·         Automated adaptive setting to keep tracking environmental changes

·         HW accelerated, built in motion detection

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