Access Control System

Access control system is a security control method that can be utilized as to who or what can view or use the physical or logical assets. Access control limits the access to a system or virtual resources. It is a control system with the combination of multiple technologies that allow users of system to access through the authorization rights within an organization via parking mobile application systems.

In access control systems, people are required to present credentials before they can be granted access. Access control is the advanced technology that proactively aids to keep unauthorized person out of a building or an area within a facility. The vehicle boom barrier operation is an architecture platform invented for managing car parking areas. The parking control system works on the electronic access control operation, it capture the image of the number plate by using RIFD technology on entry and exit of the vehicle.

The benefit of the access control system like access barrier system and RFID system is, it can be used along with every remote access system. The vehicle boom barriers are controlled access barrier systems like biometric device used in offices. RFID system consists of tags that contain unique identification data capable of granting or denying access to restricted areas.

Most companies think that the parking access control systems are complicated and it is very difficult to operate. But the picture is completely opposite, the system can installed easily and is operated without any difficulties.

Advantages of Access Control System:

·         Access control system’s primary task is to restrict access

·         It helps to secure goods and raw materials

·         This control system is completely environment friendly

·         Track personnel and visitors

·         Offers centrally controlled security system

Cass Parking has designed an efficient parking mobile application solutions like access control systems with boom barrier system and RFID system to their customers. Our services are trusted by customers around the world, Cass Parking serves comprehensive physical access control system with parking mobile application system to secure your resources and parking facilities.

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